How Google's RankBrain Artificial Intelligence Will Impact SEO (Webinar by Danny Dover)

Google is investing big in Artificial Intelligence (AI)... and Facebook and Microsoft aren't far behind. What's that mean for SEOs?

Google's AI initiative - RankBrain - helps Google deal with about 15 percent of daily queries ... specifically, unique new queries their systems have never seen before. Although RankBrain is just one of hundreds of signals considered by the algorithm in a ranking... but it's quickly become the third most important data point in rankings, and that's no joke. Essentially, the standard 200+ SEO factors could eventually become a thing of the past.

Danny Dover discussed how AI is affecting search, and how Moz's Rand Fishkin had speculated that a good chunk of search results are processed by artificial intelligence. In the latest of our SEO videos, Danny discusses:
  • The Turing Test and what it means for artificial intelligence
  • Examples of wide and narrow types of artificial intelligence
  • How artificial intelligence is impacting SEO now and in the future
  • How SEO best practices may shift in the coming years
This is a pretty awesome digital marketing tutorial, and critical for SEOs who want to succeed in a future where search engines are using AI.

Discover the most important advances in artificial intelligence, how they relate to Google specifically, and the strategies you can use to stay ahead of this new search transformation.